Psychometric Multiple Inteligence Test (PMIT)

The term psychometric assessment means the measurement of a person’s talents & covers motivation & aptitudes as well & how these talents best match a role in an organization. Our report elaborates 9 Multiple Intelligences & 5 different Brain Quotients. It also gives a deep insight on 200+ different Carriers for an individual.

Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals' mental capabilities and behavioural style. Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates' suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities).

Psychometric refers to the test of measuring an individual’s relevant and present state of strengths and weaknesses as a result of evolution. Every individual is born with 8 Multiple Intelligences which talk about their inborn strengths and weaknesses. Psychometric test, on the other hand, helps individuals discover and understand their present distribution of Multiple Intelligences. After being born, over a period of time, what we acquire from the surroundings/environment, what we enhance based on our interests and what depreciates or deteriorates as a result of our disinterest is determined through Psychometric.

It is a result of the environmental factors and their influences in the lives of individuals and their strengths and weaknesses. How the society, friends, community, family affect the thinking, choices of individuals are all reflected by Psychometric Analysis.

Psychometric test is based on RIASEC Theory which helps understand whether one is Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising or Conventional. Based on the same there is career guidance. The test report is generated when individuals answer certain objective questions based on their self-analysis and evolution and it covers:

8 Multiple Intelligences at their present stage
Mackenzie’s Theory
Career Options

Benefits of Psychometric:-

By understanding the acquired Multiple Intelligences Distribution of each teacher, he could be assigned the correct job, by taking into consideration his strengths and weaknesses. This way the Principal will have a well-organized work force whose core competencies could be identified through Discover Brain Psychometric.

Through RIASEC Theory, he would be able to understand whether his teachers are Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional and then accordingly assign the tasks they are best suited for.

With the help of RIASEC theory, he will be able to have defined career paths for his students and will be able to understand what each student is actually meant for.

By understanding the acquired Multiple Intelligences Distribution of the students through Discover Brain Psychometric Test, a teacher can work on the strengths of the students. Based on this suitable career paths could be suggested by the teachers to the students.

This leads to an overall satisfaction amongst the students and the teachers, and will lead to a better productivity and performance in terms of the results produced and the marks scored at the Board Examinations

Teachers are the backbone of educational institutes, schools, colleges. It is very essential that the teachers perform and work to the best of their abilities in order for a school/college to gain fame and good reputation. In order to give their best in terms of their work, it is of utmost importance that the teachers are happy and content and are doing the job that they are actually interested in and for which they have been made. Through Discover Brain Psychometric, they can understand their acquired or environmental Multiple Intelligences Distribution, and accordingly take up the subject to teach as per the discovery and analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

Through Discover Psychometric, parents will be able to save time and money that they spend in irrelevant courses and classes for their children. Since they will understand the acquired intelligence or strengths of their children, they will be able to pay attention to the strengths and develop them further and accordingly choose a stream or class or subjects for their children.

Through the best suited career options, parents can prepare their child for the best and the most suitable career based on his intelligence and interest.

By understanding their child in the most in depth and sensitive manner, parents can improve their relationship with their child/children and even eliminate the guessing game on their child’s strengths/talents and get rid of the trial and error phases.

Environmental or Acquired Multiple Intelligences Distribution helps them in subject and stream selection, and they would end up choosing the stream/subject which are actually meant for them, and save on money, time and effort wasted over irrelevant courses and classes.

Through RIASEC Theory, students would be able to understand whether they are Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional and then accordingly assign the tasks they are best suited for.

With the help of the career options listed in Discover Brain Psychometric Test, on the basis of the acquired Multiple Intelligences they will be able to prepare themselves and opt for the careers which best suit them.

Through Prof. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences which states that everyone is born with 8 different types of Multiple Intelligences which are distributed differently in all the individuals, the individuals will understand their environmental or acquired strengths and weaknesses through Multiple Intelligences Distribution

The career options based on the acquired multiple intelligences will help individuals choose the career options which are best suited for them.

Discover Brain Psychometric would be a great recruitment tool for the HR department as it is a true navigator in terms of the best suited career options for individuals. Based on the environmental Multiple Intelligences Distribution of individuals, it talks about the career options which would be the strongest and the weakest choice for individuals.

By understanding the acquired Multiple Intelligences Distribution of the employees, employer can use the strongest areas in business development and an overall development of the organization. It also helps employer understand the core competencies of his employees.

Through John L. Holland’s RIASEC Theory, job seekers understand whether they are Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, or Conventional, and then again seek and apply for jobs which best suit them.

Through career options based on the acquired Multiple Intelligences, job seekers will be able to undertake trainings and prepare themselves for the most suited careers as listed by Discover Psychometric.

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