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Mother Toddler Program: "Creating Super Babies"

Our VMTP is research based developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum that strongly emphasises & facilitates adult involvement. Our Program emphasises actual experiences rather than concepts & is designed to bring families together!

Our Curriculum is for our curious, eager & creative kids, stepping into the world from the protective cocoons of their home. The program uses hands-on exploration & socio interactions for holistic development of personality. It lays a strong foundation for future learning & success.

We all know Mothers are the first & foremost institute for their kids & hence a combination of Mother & Kid together would shape self confidence, cognitive development, psychical development, language development, intellectual development, reasoning skills, language skills & spiritual needs of your kids in the early developmental stages, but these skills need a lot of practice where MTP plays a key role.

Our program helps kids to interact with other kids to create a community in which parents can share challenges of kids development. Be it a first time Mother, Nuclear Family or a Joint Family Kid it’s a boon for one & all.

What Is MTP?

The Mother Toddler program is specially cusfomized for toddlers of the age groups of 9 months to 36 months their moms. The main aim of this program is to get the toddlers and iheir moms introduced to the learning academic world to acquaint the mother with the learning interesis of her baby This kind of program hos become an important aspect of the early childhood curriculum development Also, the phase of weaning out the toddler from mother becomes easier.

MTP For Preschools

We have designed our MTP curriculum as a dedicated Course for preschools under the guidance of experts in Early Childhood Education and Care. MTP helps in generating important revenue with a committed flow of quality conscious parents helping Pre-Schools generale long term brand

About Quality Bonding

MTP consists of activities and advice to parents which will lead to quality bonding between them. Our experts have structured the program to make the parents understand how the child learns.

Music, Dance, Play

The activities are chosen in the program to develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills and make the child learn in a joyful way. Many of the activities can be replicated at home.

Parenting Advice

Important toddler questions have been answered. The interactive session between trainer and mothers will pour in many ideas for making parenting easy. We also offer mail support for more questions.

Nutritional Advice

Healthy food recipes are shared with parents which they can prepare at home. All of them are easy to prepare and filled with nutrition.

Details Of MTP

Duration: 8 Weeks /12 Weeks

Age Group: 9 Months-36 Months.

Time: 1.5 Hours. (Once a Week)

Resource Include:

Course Conlenis & Manuals

A Toddler Year Book

Fun Sheets

Reference Material (Soft Copy)



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