If you have ever dreamt of owning your own unique business, then Brain’s Bee is the business opportunityyou have been looking for-an opportunity that fulfills your dream & your entrepreneurial aspiration to be anindependent business owner, to have control over your future.

Brain’s Bee Franchisee Partner Model is the most unique model in the market. Unlike most of our competitor's we at Brain’s Bee have developed a business model that creates value for the Franchisee & offers unparallel revenue stream.

We are one of the only few ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company in the DMIT Testing Industry. We are an Authorized Member of DMRC Asia & our Trainer is Certified by them. Centralized Report Generation: At Brain’s Bee, we are not in the process of selling software's! We want you to understand that preparing a correct report is far more important since it will result in a career choice being made by the student. You would agree that as a franchisee, you need not necessarily have the skills or qualifications to prepare such reports with 95% accuracy. Hence at Brain’s Bee, all our reports are generated & crosschecked by professionals. This ensures remarkable accuracy when the final output is shared with the parents & students.

3-Day Report Guarantee: We prepare all our reports in-house, all the reports are checked twice before emailing the same to the franchise. Hence, we always request our Franchisee's to provide us 3 working days to generate and dispatch the e-reports to them for counseling.

Lowest Franchisor Sharing: All our Models are designed to create additional value for you the Franchisee. Hence, in our entire model's you would witness the maximum profitability being forwarded to you the franchise. We retain minimum share and pass on the rest to you!

Regular Regional Training Meets: At Brain’s Bee, we ensure bi-annual training meets for our franchisees. The same are conducted to upgrade your knowledge levels and train you in better counseling techniques. This is something 100% of our competition does not do.

You will have little or no competition in an ever expanding educational enhancement industry, because Brain’s Bee franchisee module is distinctive.

Your franchisee will have a continual flow of eager customers because Brain’s Bee meets the needs of determined parents who want to know their kid's inherit skills

You are supported by a proven concept & professional team, so you do not need any previous education and experience. What you need is a positive attitude, a passion for counseling children and a commitment to excellence!

You will benefit from excellent training programs, high standards & management support.

Franchising itself works! During the last 10 years, over 90% of franchisee businesses are still operating. This is over 7 times the rate of independent, non-franchised businesses. So, with franchising, all elements are in place for you to benefit from our concept, system, and management team that offers a proven formula for operating a successful franchisee.

If you seek a rewarding business, dedicated to our children and wish to take advantage of a unique, first-time offered franchising opportunity, you owe it to yourself to examine the Brain’s Bee franchising program.

Brain’s Bee Franchisee needs to market & develop client base for Brain’s Bee Plc.’s Product / Services.

Brain’s Bee Franchisee will approach Corporates, Associations, Clubs as well as Educational Institutes for bulk tie-ups to sell DMIT & Other Offered Product / Service Packages.

Brain’s Bee Franchisee has a considerable measure of degree as this business sector is to a great extent untapped and such a situation will bring productive and gainful effect for the franchisee.

Brain’s Bee Franchisee will follow all procedures while taking Finger Prints & in Counseling as it’s of paramount importance.

Less than 9% of Indian Students hardly take any form of counseling!

80% of individuals are unhappy with their career choices within 5 years of starting!

18% of world's suicide's (age fewer than 21) happens in India!

Less than 5% students undergo career counseling in T2 & T3 Cities in India!

Less than 2% are aware of the enormous benefits of DMIT!Less than 2% are aware of the enormous benefits of DMIT!

Biometric Scanner (1 no. branded, with warranty) Printed Training Manuals (1 Set)
Visiting Cards (1000 no’s)
Sales Leaflets (3000 no’s / per product / service)
File Folders
Franchisee Certificate

Inborn Talents
Levels of Multiple Intelligence
My Quotient
Preferred Learning Style
Personality & Behaviour
Brain Dominance
Learning Sensibility & ATD Angle
Extra-Curricular Activities
Stream Selection
Career Option

Sales Pitch of the Product
Objection Handling
Sales Closing Skills
Reference Generation Skills
Sales Presentation

How to Install Scanner Driver
How to Install Fingerprint Scanning Software
How to Scan Fingerprints
How to Operate the Software
How to Upload Data for Backup

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